... carry out a careful examination and correction of your document with respect to orthography, punctuation, syntax, grammar as well as content, style and expression.

This situation may sound familiar to you: You’ve finished writing your text, you’ve revised it several times and you have to hand it in very shortly. However, you realize that you lack the awareness of spelling mistakes or logical errors as you’ve read through your text too many times.
Hedge your bets and hire a professional proof-reader.
By doing so, you can be sure that your text will be linguistically correct and meet all of your expectations.

I offer proof-reading for various documents, such as:



▼ Articles

▼ Interviews

▼ Press releases

▼ Brochures

▼ Scientific documents

▼ Creative and marketing texts

▼ Manuals

▼ General terms and conditions

▼ Legal texts

It is important to me that my corrections are understandable to you, which is why I put a special emphasis on a transparent working method.


I provide first class proof-reading with just the right touch of creativity for the following languages: