... is the transmission of a written text from a source language (A) to a target language (B).

A written text contains various levels of meaning. Besides the explicit content there are numerous implicit elements to written text, such as the context, cultural background and writer’s style and intention.


As a professional translator I transmit all of this information so that your text will precisely convey the intended meaning even after having been translated.

Depending on the purpose of your text and its target group, I prioritize certain elements. For example, the tone and effect are important for marketing texts, whereas the accuracy of the translation is essential for manuals and scientific or legal texts.


Whether for economics, law, technology, arts, culture or politics, you can be certain to receive an idiomatic text that will fully meet your expectations – on time, neat and clean.

I offer translations for various documents, such as:



 Scientific documents

 Press releases


 General terms and conditions

 Legal texts 

 Creative and marketing texts

 Advertising texts

The language combinations I offer in translation are:


▼ French > German


▼ German > French


▼ Spanish > German


▼ English > German

German > English